We Love… Pendennis Castle We Love… Pendennis Castle We Love… Pendennis Castle We Love… Pendennis Castle

We Love… Pendennis Castle

2 October 2017

Where to begin? The romance and history that this castle evokes is undeniable. Imagine sweeping sea views from the castle roof, drinks on the lawn and the romantic candlelit Castle Keep, complete with twinkling fairy lights and hurricane lanterns lighting the aisle.

From the moment you walk across the bridge, through the stone archway, making your way towards the castle at the end of the drive, your breath will be taken away by the sheer beauty of the building against the dramatic backdrop.

Accommodating up to 120 people for the ceremony, you can tie the knot in the Castle Keep or in the Royal Artillery Barracks in either the Melvill or Killigrew Room. The Melvill Room is light and airy with ocean views whilst the Castle Keep is deeply romantic with low lighting and original stone walls. Dine in the barracks for up to 120 and then celebrate with a party for 180 with the castle lit up behind you as day turns to dusk and the grounds take on a more mysterious feel.

To accommodate even larger numbers, why not hire a marquee.  This will provide dining for up to 1200 people with a celebration for up to 1500 and showcases the castle at its finest, with sea views on one side and the castle on the other.  Finish the night with fireworks on the lawn and curl up in your very own private cottage to enjoy the castle all to yourselves when the very last guests have gone home.

Built by Henry VIII circa 1540 and built as defence during the war, you can still imagine the wartime romances, sealed letters travelling back and forth as young soldiers fell in love with their sweethearts and wrote to them regularly from the barracks. It is this sense of nostalgia and romance which Pendennis evokes, the idea of an everlasting love, a time tested and true connection which is honoured in this beautiful and memorable setting.

And it truly doesn’t come any more magical than this. With an abundance of history, romance and drama, it’s the ultimate coastal celebration.

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