Breathtaking Flower Ideas for Winter Brides Breathtaking Flower Ideas for Winter Brides Breathtaking Flower Ideas for Winter Brides Breathtaking Flower Ideas for Winter Brides

Breathtaking Flower Ideas for Winter Brides

20 January 2018

Winter is a truly enchanting time of year to tie the knot in Cornwall. The frosty months can provide endless inspiration and open up a whole bunch of possibilities when it comes to floral design. Get inspired for your bouquets buttonholes and beyond with our guide to picking your flowers for a wintertime wedding.

What’s in season...

These days flowers are imported from all corners of the globe meaning you can go wild, and incorporate pretty much any flower you want into your wedding day no matter what the time of year. Although there are fewer flowers in bloom in Cornwall during the chillier months, there are certain varieties that have a year-round presence and even a few homegrown beauties that love the winter as much as we do. Sticking to the season and keeping it local helps keep the costs down, it’s also kinder to the environment for the eco conscious bride and groom to-be.

The following flowers prove that the chilliest time of year can still be blooming gorgeous;
Succulents, Dried Hydrangeas, Hellebores, Ranunculus and Anemones


Adding a few sprigs of foliage can bring volume and texture to your bridal blooms. We can’t get enough of the green stuff and fortunately it’s in plentiful supply during winter. There are lots of different types of greenery you can use. With their silvery-grey colour, dusty miller and dusty eucalyptus are our top picks for achieving a super cool look.

We adore these hanging centerpieces by Twigs & Greens made up entirely of foliage, perfect for bringing that outdoorsy winter woodland vibe into your wedding.

Colour Scheme…

From, icy blues and greys, ivy green and festive reds to rich deep berry tones and glittery metallics you’ll find endless possibilities and colour inspiration for your winter wedding.

The icy toned hues in this bride’s rustic bouquet are absolutely spot on for a winter wedding, we particularly love the addition of the blue thistles - a super hip accent flower.

In contrast, this divine and tad festive arrangement by Twigs & Greens warm things up with a combination of rich,  jewel-toned hues alongside soft shades of neutral.

Seasonal details

Add a little winter magic by bringing the organic beauty of nature into your wedding blooms. Combining seasonal details such as berries, thistles, holly and pine cones into your blooms can have stunning effects.  

We adore this charming winter bouquet by Loulabel, berries and a few sprigs of foliage have been used for a subtle wintery look and feel..

Accentuate your Venue

Winter enchantment can run wild throughout your venue flowers, not just the bridal bouquet. Picking out and decorating certain parts of your venue in fantastical ways can really enhance your theme. Floral arches arranged around entrance ways, candelabra centerpieces, staircase runners, and chairs adorned with floral wreaths can be lovely additions to your ceremony. The inspiration and interpretations are endless.

Are you planning a winter wedding? Tell us what 'cool' floral fantasies you're dreaming up.