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Dr Phil Hammond

15 January 2014

Dr Phil Hammond - Games to Play with your Doctor - at Hall for Cornwall, Truro. Time 7.30pm. Tickets £17 - £19.

Medicine is jolly serious, life and death, pain and suffering, pills and needles.


But wouldn’t a trip to the doctor or a rush up to A+E be much more fun if it was a game?

In his BRAND NEW show, Dr Phil – a practising doctor, campaigning journalist and the first comedian to appear at a public inquiry – turns the whole of medicine into a succession of games for you to play with your doctor*. What’s the diagnosis? What’s the misdiagnosis? Why are you doing that to me doctor? How long have I got? What are you doing with all our money? And when did you last wash your hands?

Learn how to sing your symptoms, sniff a thermometer, diagnose your doctor, arm wrestle for drugs, get past the bearded receptionist and get out of the NHS alive – all through Dr Phil’s highly subversive guerrilla tactics, some of which may be counter-productive. But at least they’re not boring. And you'll never look at your doctor in quite the same way again.

*nurse, receptionist, manager, politician, regulator, lawyer, pancreas

Phil Hammond is a GP turned hospital doctor, writer, broadcaster and comedian. He has been Private Eye’s medical correspondent for over 20 years and has appeared on Have I Got News for You, The News Quiz, The Now Show, The One Show and Countdown. He will soon be appearing on Curing Britain's secret killers on BBC1.

Date: 15 January 2014, 7.30pm.

Tickets: £17 - £19. Concessions available.

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