South East Asian Cookery Course South East Asian Cookery Course South East Asian Cookery Course South East Asian Cookery Course

South East Asian Cookery Course

19 October 2017

Philleigh Way Cookery School, 10am - 4pm

Course Overview

Students will learn how to prepare a variety of South East Asian dishes including classics from Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines. The course is run by Fiona Were, a native of New Zealand and a full time professional chef who runs her own exclusive catering business. Fiona will teach students how to make delicious morsels such as Vietnamese Summer Rolls, fresh exotic salads, complex flavoured curry pastes as well as showing students how to cook the perfect sticky rice every time. Student's will leave with the skills and confidence to create dishes from a part of the world renowned for it's fantastically aromatic and exciting flavours

Course Details

Tutor: Fiona Were

Max student to tutor ratio: 8/1

Welcome: Meet your tutor and see for yourself the Philleigh Way farmhouse cookery school and garden. Enjoy a morning tea or coffee.

The Day: It's an action packed day with five demonstrations and four practical sessions. All equipment, aprons, food and drink is provided including a glass of Prosecco mid-morning and wine with lunch.

Close: Have a chat with fellow course attendees and members of the Philleigh Way team. This is a guide to the days activities and may vary depending on the season as well as the group's interest.

Sample Dishes

Vietnamese Summer Rolls and Nuoc Cham

Otak Otak with Sweet Chilli Sauce

Jungle Curry

Sticky Jasmine Rice

Atchara Pickle

Hot and Sour Dressing

Seared Beef Salad

Lemon Grass Refresher

Fortune Cookies


Understanding classic flavour combinations and ingredients


Vegetable cuts

Spice blending

Shallow frying

Dressings and quick sauces

Preparing curry pastes

Stir frying



Age suitability: 16+ or 13+ if accompanied by a paying adult.

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