The Fal Mussel Card Local has changed

In January 2022, we changed from the old 'credit' based system to a 'monetary' (cash) based system meaning you can see exactly how much each journey costs.

In order to benefit from the best prices, you will now need to create an online account and register your card.

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Fal Mussel Card Local

The Fal Mussel Card Local has changed.

Key changes...

You can manage your Fal Mussel Card Local online. From here you can top up your account, cancel lost/stolen cards, check your usage and see how much each journey costs.

The new changes also mean that the more you use your Fal Mussel Card Local, the cheaper it gets!

See our handy guide on this page for more information about all the changes...

You can now manage your account online through our Fal Mussel Card Local My Account  page. 

You can now...

  Top up your account

  Check your usage

  See how much each journey costs

  Block lost/stolen cards

  Add new cards to your account

Your feedback!

You asked, we did...

Here are just some of the requests we've had from you over the years.

  To be able to replace lost and stolen cards

  To be able to manage my account online

  To see my usage 

  To get the best price

Register your card online!

You can carry on using your card as normal, your existing credits will be deducted until you run down to 0. After that, when you next top up, you will be asked to top up with a cash value and journeys will be taken in monetary value and not credits.

We recommend that you register your card here so you can benefit from all the 'My Account' features. If you don't register your card, you won't be able to top up your card online and get the best prices!


How does it work?

Put simply, the more you use your card, the cheaper it gets and the more you save!

We've changed from the old credit system to a monetary based system meaning you can now see exactly how much each journey costs.

Frequent travellers will now benefit from the very best prices. The price you pay is calculated into two different types of travel: Vehicle & Passenger.