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New from Leisure Vehicle Accessories

20 October 2023

Portable Power Stations, Lithium Batteries, Folding and Flexible Solar Panels

Leisure Vehicle Accessories offer supplies and accessories for motorhomes, caravans, campervans, houseboats, yachts and small marine craft. 

Always improving and updating their product range, the latest new items this month are Portable Power Stations, Folding Solar Panels, Flexible Solar Panels and Lithium Leisure Batteries.

Portable Power Stations

EcoFlow portable solar generators are award winning rechargeable power stations that can recharge via solar energy or mains power outlets and they produce AC and DC power for use in off-grid situations. They are designed for you to take power anywhere, allowing you to run your electrical devices whilst on the move.

They are great for use when camping, or in motorhomes and campervans, but they may also be used at home in sheds and garages, and as backup power during power outages. Ecoflow power stations are one of the most advanced power stations on the market, where they offer thousands of recharge cycles using their inbuilt lithium batteries. Ecoflow power stations are designed for long term use where they have a life expectancy of 10 years or more.

Folding Solar Panels


Charge faster, wherever you go with their folding solar panels which combine powerful energy production with portability. The lightweight folding solar panels, and heavy-duty folding solar panel kits are easy to use, and are meant for use whilst camping.

The heavy-duty folding solar panel kit lets you connect straight to your leisure battery, where these can remain outdoors for extended periods, and the lightweight folding panels allow you to connect to a portable power station, or connect to a charge controller in a campervan to provide additional charging power to your batteries when needed. These are available in a range of sizes from 40w up to 400w.

Flexible Solar Panels

LVA solar panels are proudly manufactured in the UK and feature the innovative CIGS (copper, indium, gallium, and selenide) design. Unlike conventional semi-flexible panels, these panels are not affected by heat and perform on par with traditional solid panels. They also come equipped with bypass diodes installed in every pair of cells, minimizing the effect of shadow or shading on power generation. These panels do not require ventilation as they do not generate heat.

Copper indium gallium selenide (CIGS) based solar cells are receiving worldwide attention for solar power generation. CIGS is more light-sensitive and therefore a CIGS panel will produce around 10-15% more power in a year, than a crystalline panel. CIGS will start earlier in the morning and stay on for longer in the evening. It will also be better in grey weather when you need the power the most.

Installation is a breeze with their simple peel and stick, plug and play panels. There's no need for drilling or racking, and the self-cleaning EFTE non-stick coating ensures the panels remain clean and operational.

Built to last, these panels are shatterproof and durable. They are made without glass or silicone, eliminating the risk of micro-fractures caused by vibrations or impacts. Comprehensive warranties for each application, providing you with peace of mind are also offered.

LVA can now offer custom sized flexible ‘Heat Proof’ solar panels. These advanced solar panels maintain their efficiency in hot and/or shady conditions. They are available in three widths, 362mm, 682mm and 1002mm. The maximum length for each width is, 5095mm, 3860mm and 2625mm.  These have a ‘peel and stick’ installation, and they are 1.7mm thick. Please enquire for a quote - the lead-time is 6-8 weeks for custom panels.

Lithium Leisure Batteries

LVA now stock and supply a complete range of Lithium Leisure Batteries covering the budget conscious entry level user through to advanced users that wish to build an off-grid power supply system.

They can supply batteries that have prismatic lithium packs or cylinder cell lithium packs, batteries with and without Bluetooth functionality, and batteries that can self-heat for use in cold conditions.  These ranges can be supplied in 12v and 24v versions.

There are also specialist marine lithium batteries available.   Please note that some of these batteries are special order items so please enquire with your request.

  To find out more about these items, and to source all your camping, leisure, motorhome or boat needs, visit the website, or head to the showroom.

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