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Wise Sage Wellbeing

Wise Sage Wellbeing

Wise Sage brings wellness treatments to your door.

We employ a carefully selected group of practitioners across Cornwall, who each offer their own specialised treatments alongside signature treatments like our Wise Sage Experience and Wise Sage Ayurvedic offering.

There's something about being in their own home that allows our clients to relax so much more deeply into their treatment. You can forget about traffic jams, troublesome parking and noisy hallways.

We can also be found in the North Coast field at Mount Pleasant Eco Park, overlooking the Atlantic sea on various dates.  Book the massage tent for a variety of treatments, movement classes and workshops via www.wisesage.co.uk.


Wise Sage was founded on a belief that wellbeing starts with the practitioner.

Each and every one of our practitioners are paid 66% of the treatment fee and are truly adored by our organisation. We know that if our practitioners are healthy, happy and well paid then our clients are going to receive the best possible service.

From deep-tissue massage to our signature rejuvenation facials, each of our services are tailored to meet  the needs of the coastal dwellers of Cornwall.

We use only the best products, Made For Life Organics that are 100% organic and ethically sourced.


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01326 761331



Juniper Treatment Room, Jubilee Treatment Rooms, Jubilee Wharf, Commercial Road, Penryn. TR10 8FG

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