Bissoe & Back Walk Bissoe & Back Walk Bissoe & Back Walk Bissoe & Back Walk

Bissoe & Back Walk

Bissoe & Back Walk

A beautiful walk through hidden valleys and quiet villages.

Begin at Bissoe Bike Hire and follow the Coast to Coast Trail to Devoran. Walk through Devoran and past the Old Quay Inn before taking the public bridleway.

Follow the bridleway past Narabo Farm and Higher Devoran before reaching Carnon Downs.

Head through Carnon Downs towards The Valley, Cornwall’s chic country retreat.

Pass The Valley and then follow the road back through Bissoe.

Starting Point: Bissoe Bike Hire

Distance: 6 miles

Duration: 4-5 hours plus time for lunch

Grading: Moderate to hard

End Point: Circular walk

On the way: The Coast to Coast Trail. Devoran. The Old Quay Inn and The Valley.

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Detailed walk information

This walk can literally go on for miles. It’s all down to you. Devoran to Portreath on the north coast is 14 miles.

The walk here takes in 1 mile of the trail (2 miles there and back). It is also steeped in industrial heritage.

From the car park or bus stops walk up the road away from the car showroom and turn first right after the bridge. To the left and over the A39 is the Devoran to Portreath cycleway, the Bissoe trail which we will be walking along. By turning right you are now walking parallel to the river with houses on your left into Devoran. This is leading away from the busy A39 that you can hear behind you. You are heading for peace and quiet. The cycling path follows the track of the old Redruth & Chacewater Railway that linked the copper and tin mines in the centre and north of Cornwall to Devoran and Point quay.

Ignore the main road going uphill to the left and continue along the minor road where the Devoran community hall and doctors surgery are. There are interpretation boards at the entrance with information and photos of the importance of Devoran as a port in centuries past. Further on you will get to the entrance of the quay (right) and the footpath takes one out to enjoy the views of Restronguet Creek which itself leads out to the Fal River. If you walk out to the end of the quay to the left is Tallacks Creek and if the tides are low you can walk back by stepping down to water level and head to the left around the creek through scrub and wood back to the entrance of the quay. Follow a path past old dilapidated buildings, which are the remains of the tin streaming activities and shafts that went under the actual river.

Back at the entrance to the quay, follow the road up and to the right visiting the Old Quay Inn, which is ahead of you. 50 metres on your left is a signed bridleway. Take this. After 200m veer left. The path also goes to the right downhill. After 50m at the gate turn right for half a mile. This goes up past Upper Devoran farm and over the main A39 into Carnon Downs. You are in the village now and you cross over ignoring all the roads coming in from right and left. Go up Smithy Lane past the Spar shop and the bungalows. As the road bends right the bridleway you want is to the left. Take it ignoring any roads that go to the right. The path takes you around a field until you get to a T-junction with the viaduct down in the valley ahead. The path sign encourages you to turn left. Do not do this but turn right along the vehicle track. This takes you to the Bissoe Road. Turn left downhill.

You go over the train track and at the bottom of the hill ignore all the road junctions and turn left to the main road and go into Grenna Lane to Old Dunstans Bridge where the Bissoe Trail takes you left back to Devoran or right up to Portreath. Decision time! A mile up the trail to your right is the Saint Piran Café! Well worth the walk as the river, leats, gorse and trees (mainly alder- they love the wet ground) make for some beautiful views. Don’t forget that this was a train track that took minerals to the ports so there are lots of information boards about the mining heritage that explains the whole landscape. The reclaimed land has also been turned into Nature Reserves so there is plenty of flora and fauna.

At the café one can continue for another 11 miles north. Enjoy the exploration. Head back south the way you came to Devoran, under the viaduct, which has the remnants of the old Brunel Truro to Falmouth line bridge. Go under the main road to get back to the bus stop/car park.

Public transport information

Buses- 2A From Truro to Helston and Penzance

88 Truro to Falmouth

88A Newquay to Truro and Falmouth

88B Truro to Falmouth

Nearest Toilets and Nearest Disabled Toilets

No public toilets so ask at the Old Quay Inn Devoran or the Devoran Village Hall.

Nearest Car parks and Nearest Car Parks with disabled provision

Car park just off the A39 at the Devoran roundabout.

Nearest refreshments

Old Quay Inn Devoran.