Mylor Creek Walk Mylor Creek Walk Mylor Creek Walk Mylor Creek Walk

Mylor Creek Walk

Mylor Creek Walk

A beautiful little walk from Mylor Bridge along Mylor Creek and around the headland to Restronguet Weir.

This relaxed stroll along Mylor Creek has glorious views of the Carrick Roads and the Roseland.

Beginning at the car park in Mylor Bridge, cross the road and follow Trevellan Road down towards Mylor Creek. When the road ends you’ll find a footpath which will take you along the creek and around the headland.

Follow the footpath until you reach Restronguet Weir and Restronguet Point. Then take the road up the hill past Restronguet Barton.

When you reach the junction follow the path back across the fields where you will return to Trevellan Road.

Combine with Trefusis Headland to make the Great Mylor Walk.

Starting Point: Mylor Bridge

Distance: 3 miles

Duration: 2 hours 

Grading: Easy

End Point: Circular

On the way: Combine with Trefusis Headland Walk to make the Great Mylor Walk. Stop at The Lemon Arms in the village to fuel back up.

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Starting at Mylor Bridge keep to the north side of Mylor Creek by walking down the side road next to the large grocery store. A small quay/parking area is a place to stop and check for birdlife just after the small post office. Follow the concrete path and there is a footpath to your left going uphill. This is from where you will be coming back to Mylor Bridge. The village is linked historically by the manor of Carclew whilst the area around it, with its Iron Age barrows, has been inhabited since 600BC.  Previous to this the manors of Mylor, Trefusis and Restronguet dominated the locality. Tin streaming in the creeks also attracted people to the area in Roman times whilst the saint St Mylor hailing from Brittany arrived in the 5th Century AD.

The path squeezes between the houses and the creek and opens out to a green field. After rain this could be a bit muddy. Keep to the shore and follow the path through woodland with views across the creek to Trelew and Mylor Churchtown. Once you reach Greatwood Quay (picture top right) the wide expanse of the Carrick Roads opens up with views opposite of Messack Point, which is one of the embarkation points for the D-Day landings. The US army built a concrete road down to the Point in order that the thousands of soldiers and machinery could quickly depart from these shores for the Normandy beaches. The Church of St Just is also just beyond Messack Point up St Just Creek.

After the quay one reaches a very large house on the shore. This is Greatwood House. Built in 1840 by the Daniel family of Trelissick it has changed ownership many times in its colourful history. From a market gardening estate to a hotel, it fell into disrepair in the 1970’s and restored later in the decade as flats before returning to a private residence as it remains today.

Walk around the house and follow the path again squeezed between the gardens and the shoreline. It is quiet and most beautiful here. At Weir Point a road to the left is the way back, eventually. But one must carry on to Restronguet Passage and the Pandora Inn. Again the path hugs the shore and opposite is Restronguet Point at the entrance to Restronguet Creek. As one approaches the Inn on the left on the wall is a gold post box, which celebrates Sir Ben Ainslies triumph at the 2012 Olympics. He started his sailing career at and still returns to the local sailing club.

Return to Weir Point and the road and turn right uphill. One passes Restronguet Barton Farm which goes back to the the 12th Century and has in its history been part of the Carclew estate and owned by famous Cornwall families like the Lemons, Tremaynes and Trefusis’s . It is now 364 acres of mixed arable and livestock and has been owned by the Dale family since the 1950’s with some of the land presently under stewardship to preserve and encourage wildlife.

At the crossroads at the top of the road look for a footpath sign opposite. Keep to the right hand side of the hedge and walk into the field with the hedge on your left. Continue down hill with wonderful views towards Penryn. This path takes you back into Mylor Bridge.

Nearest Toilets and Nearest Disabled Toilets

Public toilets at Mylor Bridge.

Nearest Car parks and Nearest Car Parks with disabled provision

Car parks in Mylor bridge.

Nearest refreshments

Mylor Bridge and Pandora Inn at Restronguet Passage.