Mylor & Penryn Walk Mylor & Penryn Walk Mylor & Penryn Walk Mylor & Penryn Walk

Mylor & Penryn Walk

Mylor & Penryn Walk

A walk taking in the three villages of Mylor, Penryn and Flushing with the option of heading down to Mylor Harbour and Castaways.

Start from Mylor Bridge where there is free parking. Walk uphill and take your first left following Comfort Road out of the village.

Turn left onto Broads Lane and follow it to a gateway on the left with a sign stating Private Road. Go through the gateway and follow the public footpath.

Continue walking on this footpath via Enys, Gwarder and Pencoose until you reach Penryn. Turn right before heading down Church Hill. Take the path below St Gluvias Church and follow all the way to Flushing.

In Flushing turn left after the Royal Standard until you find a narrow path on your left. Walk across the fields until you reach a road junction where you turn left.

Walk along the road before crossing a stile on your right heading towards Trelew Farm. When you reach the road turn left and follow this back to your start point in Mylor Bridge.

Or turn right and walk to Mylor Harbour to enjoy a well earned lunch at Castaways.

Starting Point: Mylor Bridge

Distance: 7 miles

Duration: All day

Grading: Moderate to hard

End Point: Circular walk

On the way: The villages of Mylor, Penryn and Flushing. Enys Gardens. Countryside. Sea views. If you take the detour you can grab lunch at Castaways at Mylor Yacht Harbour.

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Starting from Mylor Bridge with Tremayne Hall and the general stores on your right walk up the hill and turn immediately left on Comfort Road which leads out of the village. Follow it for 1km until you reach Broads Lane on the left. This will lead to a number of properties along a wooded tarmaced road. After 400 metres there are various footpath signs at an entrance to a gravelled roadway through some concrete posts. Turn left and not straight ahead on the road. The path leads up and around a bend then into open country with fields on your right and woods on the left.

Keep straight ahead past the Private woods entrance to the left and the path into the field to the right and continue for another 200 metres. There is a break in the wall to the left with a stile and footpath sign welcoming considerate walkers. Go over the stile into the woods and follow the signs keeping you generally in a straight direction. Go through a gate cross over a leat and continue uphill keeping to the left hand path that skirts the edge of the wood. Go into a field ahead to a line of trees with fields on both sides looking back at the landscape that is now below you. 

Cross over the main track that goes into Enys House to the left to the hedge and big gate that again takes you over another 2-way track. Head down the track to your left, which takes you to Gwardar. As you enter the gate notice the concrete posts into the property. There is a path to your right before the entrance. This skirts around the property into another lane and into fields. The path curves round to the left to Pencoose farm. Following the track through another field past the farm this takes you down to Gluvias and a proper road and houses on a street.

Turn left and follow the road round to the right and through an alley to the main road. Carefully follow it down to St Gluvias church. To the left just after the church car park is a pathway that will take you along the Penryn River to Flushing. St Gluvias was a Welsh missionary and the church was dedicated in 1318.

Walking on the northern shore of the Penryn River there are views across to Quay harbour in Penryn and a bit further on, the marina at Ponsharden, Falmouth. As one walks towards Flushing the whole of Falmouth waterfront comes into view. One walks through a cemetery and along the estuary where many wading birds will be seen. There are also many boats in dry dock and to the left hidden behind the fences is Trevissome House, once owned by Captain Dowman the owner of the Cutty Sark which is now holiday flats.

The path takes you onto the beach, which at low tide is fine to walk on, and funnily enough through a shed and all the way to Little Falmouth, which leads to the road that continues into Flushing. Along this road on the left is the church of St Peter which looks Norman but was in fact built in 1841. There are two pubs in the village The Royal Standard and the Seven Stars. Before you reach the quay the road on the left Kersey Road rising uphill must be taken. Look around Flushing but return to this spot and ascend looking for a footpath 400m up left at the side of the houses before the road veers to the right. The path takes you up to the end house and into fields. Follow the path around the left of the field up into the next field and at the end cross the stile and onto a track where there is a lone building. This is the entrance to Trefusis House one of the original important manors of the local area. Turn left through the pillars and at the crossroads, cross over and take the road all the way into Mylor Bridge. Alternatively take the first path on the right down the pretty valley to Trelew turning left along the minor road at Mylor Creek to Mylor Bridge.

Nearest Toilets and Nearest Disabled Toilets

Public Toilets at Mylor Bridge and Flushing.

Nearest Car parks and Nearest Car Parks with disabled provision

In Mylor Bridge.

Nearest refreshments

In Mylor Bridge and Flushing.

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