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Porthbeor Walk

Porthbeor Walk

Walking to Porthbeor on the Roseland is a great little adventure that everyone can enjoy...

The adventure begins in St Mawes where you need to hop on board the Place Ferry that runs every 30 minutes from the quay making the short trip across St Mawes harbour.

Tell the ferryman your walking to Porthbeor and he'll let you know the best way to get there but it's a very easy walk.

Once you land, jump off the ferry and the follow path to the right. At the first fork you reach, head left over a stile and across the field, heading uphill.

Follow the track and head through Bohortha, turning right when you reach the road. You'll soon see the footbath on your left hand signed (it's signposted).

Cross the field then make the descent down the steps to the magical beach - Porthbeor. Explore the caves, rock pools and enjoy a picnic before returning to the ferry.

On your return leg, turn left when you get back the main road and keep following the road back down to Place House and the ferry.

Starting Point: Place Ferry landing

Distance: 2 miles

Duration: 1 hour of walking time and time to spend on the beach

Grading: Easy, but access to the beach is tricky

End Point: Circular walk

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Detailed walk information

A fabulous beach at Porthbeor, with some woodland at Place. The church just behind Place House is also worth a visit.

When you arrive at Place on the ferry turn right which takes you to Place House. If you turn left up into the woodlands you will be rewarded with old oaks, hazel, sweet chestnut and many ferns. Returning to the path to Place House a small diversion is to take the gate on your right to the small quay and turn left walking up past the gates of Place House. At the first footpath on your right go into the churchyard. The church, founded in the 12th Century, is always open for a visit. There is an old granite coffin in the churchyard and the entrance is made of Jurassic limestone from Caen, Normandy. 

The Spry family (presently the Spry Grant-Dalton family) have historic links to the house and church. Originally an Augustine monastery in the 11th Century the House has been a Tudor and Victorian mansion, ransacked with the stone being used in the formation of the St Mawes’ sea wall.

Return to the Place ferry path and instead of going back to the ferry turn right up the path to a stile and go uphill with wonderful views of Place House. The path bears to the right and takes you into the village of Bohortha, where seemingly time has stood still for many a year. When people talk of peaceful Cornish villages they might be thinking of here.

At the t-junction turn right for 10 metres and you will notice the footpath sign. Climb the stile and you reach the South West Coast Path. To your left would take you to Towan Beach/Porth car park 20 minutes walk and Portscatho 2 miles after that whereas to your right you would get to St Anthony’s Head in 30 minutes. In front of you are around 100 steps that go down to Porthbeor beach. This is a very popular local beach and especially with visiting boats. There are caves and a long stretch of beach when the tide is out. 

Retrace your steps up to the path and over to the road. Either go back the way you came (with the added incentive of going downhill to Place) or turn left and walk along the road until the road veers to the right or left uphill to St Anthony’s Head. Going right downhill you will pass the church and Place House with the path back to the ferry through the gate on your right at the quay. Turn left through the gate to return to the Place Ferry.

Public transport information

Ferry ride from St Mawes to Place and back.

Nearest Toilets and Nearest Disabled Toilets

A 20 minute walk off this route to Porth NT car park toilets.

Nearest Car parks and Nearest Car Parks with disabled provision

Off the road at Place or Porth NT car park or at the Porthbeor beach roadside.

Nearest refreshments 

None on this route. Portscatho has shops and cafes and a pub.