Trefusis Headland Walk Trefusis Headland Walk Trefusis Headland Walk Trefusis Headland Walk

Trefusis Headland Walk

Trefusis Headland Walk

A walk with great views across the Carrick Roads from Flushing, through the village, to Mylor Yacht Harbour around Trefusis Headland.

When you arrive in Flushing enjoy the historic fishing village, its two pubs and the Quayside Restaurant before heading towards Mylor by following the coast.

After you round Trefusis Point look out for the cave and steps cut into the stone foreshore.

Both were used to transfer contraband goods ashore with the cave marking the entrance to an old tunnel that led up to the cellars of the estate house on the hill where the goods were stored.

Once in Mylor Harbour you can enjoy a drink in Castaways or in the cafe. St Mylor Church is a two minute walk away from the harbour and boasts one of the oldest Celtic crosses in the country.

You can catch the Falmouth Water Taxi back to Flushing or return the way you came.

Starting Point: Flushing

Distance: 2.5 miles

Duration: 1.5 hours plus time for lunch

Grading: Easy

End Point: Mylor Yacht Harbour

On the way: Great views across the Carrick Roads and lovely places to stop for refreshments at Mylor Yacht Harbour.

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Detailed walk information

Flushing is a 10-minute ferry ride from Falmouth and yet has a different feel to it. The Dutch from Vlissingen settled here in the 17th century changing its name from Nankersey. Many ships captains from the Falmouth Packet ships established their houses there and they still dominate the waterfront looking over from Falmouth.

On arrival at Flushing take your time to look around. To the left of the quay one could head out of town west to see the church of St Peter a Norman design though built in 1841. There are two pubs in the village The Royal Standard and the Seven Stars. Heading back into Flushing walk along Trefusis Road. The large houses seaward side look out over Falmouth and the docks. Walk around the coastal road and enter kilnquay woods, which is on the estate of the former manor, Trefusis house (the original seat of the Barons Clinton). The path leads onto open land around Trefusis point and there is access to the beach where copper was mined for a short while.

Carry on around Penarrow point stopping at the breaks in the hedges to clamber amongst the rocks. The first buildings reached are Restronguet yacht club followed closely by Mylor yacht club and the main quay. The church is well worth a visit. Interestingly according to records there were two St Mylor’s, both associated with the church. The church’s history goes back to AD 411 with a Norman church built in the 12th Century.

There are a couple of restaurants to visit here in Mylor Churchtown. Follow the main road around the bend and up the incline for about 100 metres. There is a footpath sign to the right that takes one along a gravelled road opposite the entrance to the church.

This leads out to a wonderful view of Mylor Creek with Mylor Bridge at the end. Walk along the road with houses either side until you get to a small creek of Trelew (photo above). There is a signpost pointing left. Take this path and bear to the left following a path into the woods. This leads to the right and ascends half a mile up to the main road. Trelew Farm was part of the Trefusis estate the house being at least 400 years old. An abattoir was on site and animals were slaughtered and taken on board ships anchored at the creek, which travelled around the world. 

Turn left on the main road to the crossroads and head straight over up what seems like a private road. After 100 metres at a small building there will be a signpost pointing right. Head into the field around to the left and over the stile to the other side of the hedge. Head right down hill and around the fields ending up to the right of the row of houses at the edge of the field. This leads down the side of the houses into Orchard Vale and Kersey Road and on into Flushing.

Public transport information 

Ferry from Falmouth to Flushing.

Nearest Toilets and Nearest Disabled Toilets

Public toilets at Flushing on the quay.

Nearest Car parks and Nearest Car Parks with disabled provision

Various paying car parks in Flushing.

Nearest refreshments

The Waterside restaurant and Royal Standard Pub and Seven Stars pub in Flushing, Mylor yacht club and Castaways restaurant in Mylor Churchtown.