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Spinning the Yarn

Spinning the Yarn

Spinning: Top of the Shots

It was love at first shot for us when we met Mike from Spinning the Yarn. We just knew he would be the one to do our cover shoot and boy, did he deliver. Simple, un-staged and truthfully taken, he doesn’t just observe the action, he’s there at the heart of it, shooting in a documentary style and capturing the events as they take place.

Fun and fast paced, these are not your average wedding photographs and there are no cheesy ‘hand in the air’ type shots to be found here. The images have real texture and timeless appeal, appearing un-posed and utterly imperfect.

Story telling wedding photographer & videographer

In a flawless world full of filters, it makes a refreshing change to find a photographer who offers something truly different and represents your day as it took place, capturing memories with meaning, not just another photo for the mantelpiece.

Allergic to average and at the centre of the adventure, Spinning the Yarn is about real photos of real people. It’s about fun, adventure and getting a great set of authentic shots. Above all, it’s about passion. About life, love and celebration, perfectly captured in the flick of a shutter, those split seconds that don’t just witness a wedding but mark the start of a marriage.